Scott's Credentials

Academic Credentials:

Ph. D. (Operations Research), Naval Postgraduate School (2000); Distinguished Graduate

Masters (National Security Strategy), National War College (2009); Distinguished Graduate

Masters (Military Operational Art and Science), Air Command and Staff College (2005); Distinguished Graduate

Masters (Applied Math), Florida State University (1991)

Bachelors (Math), USAF Academy (1990); Distinguished Graduate with honors

Professional Credentials:

Leadership Enhancement Program, Center for Creative Leadership (2012)

Coach, YourOneDegree (2016)

CliftonStrengths® “Top 5” Coach, Equip-2-Equip (2017)

Ministry Mastery, Ministry Ventures (2017)

CliftonStrengths® “Full 34” Coach, Equip-2-Equip (2018)

Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation (2019)

Strengths Champion® Certified Coach (2018)