About Us

Leading By Design

Over decades of developing leaders and helping people understand and steward their God-given design, we have noticed a significant gap: leader development programs and materials are typically "one size, fits all!" Leaders we have been teaching and coaching not only want to learn and understand God's design for leading—they also want help bringing their unique design to their leadership arenas.

Leading by Design addresses the intersection of these two major discipleship thrusts: developing as a godly leader and understanding one's design. That is, Leading by Design includes both God's design for leading and His design for the individual leader (including their strengths, personality, experiences, spiritual gifts, and so on). The key question we answer is this: once a leader is aligned with God's model for leading, how can they bring who they are—their unique design—to the arenas in which they lead?

What We Offer

Tailored Workshops

Interactive seminars customized to address your team’s challenges and opportunities

Teambuilding Retreats

A weekend of teaching and activities designed to maximize your team’s effectiveness